Electric fi lling and fl ushing unit

Electric fi lling and fl ushing unit

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REMS Solar-Push – fi lling, fl ushing and venting

in one action. Self priming. High transport capacity.


Powerful, electric fi lling and fl ushing unit on stable, mobile tubular steel frame

for secure standing. 2 large, air-fi lled tyres for easy transport in rugged building

site conditions. Practical hose holder. Low weight, only 19 kg. Sturdy plastic tank

to hold 30 litres, made of UV-stabilised PE, with fi lling level indicator, removable,

for easy cleaning, with large opening for easy fi lling. Practical screw cap for fast

opening and closing. Return connection ¾" with immersion pipe avoids foaming

of the transport medium when it enters the plastic tank. Stop tap for easy cleaning

and easy changing of the plastic tank when using different transport media. Two

practical handles for easy carrying of the plastic tank. High temperature-resistant

connecting hose between plastic tank and pump. Fine fi lter in the suction line with

large viewing window for easy recognition of residue air in the circuit as well as

emitted contamination, e.g. chips, solder and welding residue.