Maintenance Free Oscillating Gear

Maintenance Free Oscillating Gear

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Maintenance Free Oscillating Gear

New type, super stable, water and dust resistant maintenance - free oscillating gear enables a simultaneous generation of saw and orbital stroke of lift rod and saw blade. (All-round needle bearing mounted crank drive (ANC) reduces friction, heat generation, wear. Thus long service life also at extreme sawing.)

Distortion Free Cutting
Forceful, Fast Forward Speed Sturdy, square lift rod in special solid steel, mounted precisely in needle bearings towards the force direction and along the complete stroke length, for distortion-free, precise cutting also during tough use and by applying multiple sawing force, e.g. using a guide support with leverage. For extremely long service life.

Forceful, Fast Forward Speed
Aggressive orbital action by vertical hacking motion of saw blade provides forceful, fast forward feed, excellent chip flow and long service life of saw blades. Fixed orbital action, running in needle bearings, ensures long-lasting and forceful sawing also during extreme load conditions, e.g. sawing of steel pipe. Adjustable mechanisms with a great variety of parts and a reduced system stability do not withstand the high in-feed pressure and the heavy duty requirements of forceful cutting of steel pipes, particularly when a guide support with leverage is being used.