Material Supports

Material Supports

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REMS Herkules – the sturdy support.
Easy moving of the material in all directions when turning, pulling and pushing
by two stainless steel balls mounted in a rust-protected housing in the range
Ø ¾ – 6", Ø 26 – 168 mm.
Especially suitable for pipe installation, e.g. for cutting, thread cutting,
roll grooving, welding, soldering.
Robust, job site-proven design. Dismantles for transport and stocking.

Optionally on safe standing tripod or with clamping device for workbench.


REMS Herkules. Vertically adjustable material support for pipes Ø (⅛) ¾ – 6",

Ø (6) 26 – 168 mm, solid material Ø (6) 26 – 150 mm. Optionally on tripod or with

clamping device for workbench. In a carton. 

Description  Version  Art.-No.
REMS Herkules 3B  Tripod with protection caps  120120
REMS Herkules Y  Clamping fi xture for work bench  120130