Orbital Tube-Tubesheet welding systems

Orbital Tube-Tubesheet welding systems

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Orbital Tube-Tube Sheet welding systems

The TECHNODATA orbital  welding systems are the result of many years experience in the field of tube to tube and tube to tube-sheet TIG welding. High quality welds and high repeatability are reached by using ultra modern technical components and special software. The input of all parameters is very easy and logical by means of  thecontrol panel with 8-line display.

Technical Data

  • Integrated control unit for all TECHNODATA orbital  welding heads
  • Integrated sector control with 10 free selective sectors for the parameters
  • Current, rotation- and wire-speed
  • Program capacity for 40 program blocks
  • Remote control with 8-line display
  • Current range: 5A -300A
  • Max current  40% d.c.: 300A
  • Max current  60% d.c.: 250A
  • Max current  100% d.c.: 190A
  • No load voltage:106V
  • Welding voltage:10V - 30V
  • Mains voltage: 3 x 400V
  • Tolerance: +6%/-15%
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Efficiency: 89%
  • Surrounding temperature: -10oC/40oC
  • Cooling: fan
  • Torch-Cooling: water
  • Ground cable: 35mm
  • Size (L/W/H): 890 x 500 x 890mms
  • Weight: appr. 100kgs
  • Tested: VDE 0544 + EN 60974 - 1 S


  • Trolly for 2 gas bottles with support arm and balancer Trolly for 2 gas bottles with support arm and balancer Double gas valve Manual torch
  • Double gas valve
  • Manual torch
  • Printer type CBM