Orbital welding head T-250

Orbital welding head T-250

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Orbital-welding head T-250

The TECHNODATA welding head is used for TIG  tube to tube-sheet weldings with and without filler wire. The main features are easy handling, high adaptability to the specific welds and precise torch guiding. Technical Data :


  • endless rotating coupling for current, shield gas and coolant
  • way control for rotation
  • torch water cooled, swivelling
  • slide for torch and wire adjustment
  • axial adjustment by screw ring
  • rotating wire feeding device ( dismountable) ( spool D 100;wire dia. 0,6 - 1,2 mms; 1 kgs )
  • rotating speed: 0, 2 - 5 rpm
  • wire speed: 0 - 1,5 m / min  
  • tungsten dia.: 1,6 - 3,2 mms max.
  • current: 200A
  • net weight: 7.5kgs  
  • size (withuout centering): L=450mms, D=120mms



    double gas shield chamber pneumatic clamping device motorized torch adjustment support ring; balancer etc.