Pipe cutters

Pipe cutters

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REMS Cut 110 P – cutting and chamfering
at the same time.
Robust metal design for tough use.
Cutting and chamfering in one operation. While turning the tool shaft,
also cutting only possible.
Fast and easy to use, ergonomic clamping grip.
Spring loaded clamp inserts in plastic for concentric clamping of different pipe sizes.
Easy to change without tools.
Steplessly adjustable clamping pressure accomodates pipe tolerances.
Cutting and chamfering tool in hard metal with optimum cutter geometry
ensures precise cutting and chamfering. Long service life.
Holder for workbench for effortless operation.
Tool set Cu-INOX and clamp inserts for cutting welded rain gutter pipes in copper,
titanium zinc, stainless steel, as accessory.