Plate Beveling Machine

Plate Beveling Machine

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CONVEX Auto Feed Plate Edge Beveling Machine for X (Double sided) bevels & beveling plates with large radius curves.

Sales Pitch

  • CONVEX, the Plate Beveling Machine is mounted on a unique manipulator which can create DOUBLE - SIDED X bevels by a simple quick turn of 1800 eliminating time consuming rotation of plates.
  • The CONVEX shears the bevels ready for welding on the linear plates of any type of shearable materials from 5 to 40 mm. in thickness, with a minimum width of 70 mm. and minimum length of 150 mm.
  • Bevelling angle is possible to adjust from 15° to 50° without replacing any parts.
  • The pressure bar unit and the piece supporting unit can be adjusted in height and are supplied with visible graduated scales.
  • The machine design allows for transferring the machine or for holding it during the machining of long and heavy pieces.
  • The machine can be hooked to the piece to be machined in either a horizontal or vertical position. CONVEX has a phase reversal. Right/left feeding. The electric circuit is enclosed in a dust proof box and is equipped with all the safety devices necessary.

Technical Specifications

Maximum Bevel Width (L)


Bevel Angle Range

15 - 50 degree

Plate thickness Range

6mm - 40mm


1500W, 450V3, 2800rpm

Maximum Idle feed


Machine weight without Manipulator



530mm x 395mm x 860mm