Soldering Machine

Soldering Machine

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REMS Blitz  Super Fast Soft Soldering

  • Piezo-electric self-lighting-without igniter
  • Little gas consumption, only 160 g/h
  • Spot-flame with turbo-twisting-booster for high heating capacity and super fast soft soldering
  • No setting, no adjustment
  • Single-hand operation
  • Locking button for continuous operation
  • Only one universal flame tube

REMS Blitz

  • Turbo soldering torch propane, for soft soldering of copper tubes Ø< 35 mm, flame temperature 1950oC (3500 F).
  • Turbo soldering torch, hose connector BSPP 3/8" LH, hollow cap nut and socket BSPP 3/8" LH.
  • In cardboard box. Art.-No. 160010
  • High pressure hose 2.5 m, BSPP 3/8"  LH Art.-No. 152106
  • Pressure reducer for 5 oder 11 kg gas bottles (2 bar) Art.-No. 152109