Tube bender

Tube bender

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Rems Akku-Curvo Wrinkle-Free Bending Of Pipes

Universal for many pipe types. Ready to use immediately without setting. Fast and creep speed with immediate stop for precise bending.

Quick change of bending and back formers.

REMS Akku-Curvo Set. Cordless tube bender 10 32 mm, 1", to 180°.

Hard, semi-hard, soft copper pipes, also thin-walled, 10 28 mm, …œ 1", soft jacketed copper pipes, also thin-walled, 10 18 mm, pipes of the press fitting systems made of stainless steel 12 28 mm, carbon steel, also coated 12 28 mm, soft precision steel pipes 10 28 mm, steel pipes EN 10255 , electrical installation pipes EN 50086 1625 mm, multi layer composite tubes 14 32 mm, among other things drive machine with D-shaped handle,maintenance-free gear with safely slipping clutch, powerful battery motor 18 V,stepless, electronic safety switch with immediate stop, right and left-hand rotation

Battery Li-Ion 18 V, 3.0 Ah, rapid charger Li-Ion/Ni-Cd 230 V, 50 60 Hz, 50 W.

Insert bolt. Bending and back formers. In sturdy steel case.