Tube Cutters and Deburrers

Tube Cutters and Deburrers

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  • Robust quality tools for cutting pipes.
  • Meets high demands and long service life.
  • Steel pipes 1/8- 4", 10-115 mm
  • Solid body in forged steel.
  • Robust spindle, long spindle guidance and hardened back pressure rollers provide exact alignment to the pipe and a long service life.
  • Ergonomic, wide handle provides a powerful in-feed of spindle.
  • Broad, precise cutter wheel bearing on a hardened, non rotating wheel shaft guarantees a right angle cut.
  • Specially hardened cutter wheel in approved, tough-hard REMS die-steel quality ensures a long service life.
  • Cutter wheel protected against touching the back pressure rollers by in-feed limitation.
  • Only 1 cutter wheel for pipes 1/3 4" (10 115 mm), wall thickness 8 mm,  suitable for both pipe cutters, Cutter wheel for pipes 1-4" to wall thickness s < 12.5 mm available as accessory.